Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What versions of Crystal Reports does CRChart 2021 work with?

CRChart works with Crystal Reports 2020 on Windows 64bit operating systems.

Are CRChart graphs 100% compatible with my existing Crystal Reports graphs?

YES. Your existing reports with charts in them will look like they always have. The Chart Expert and Chart UI in Crystal Reports work like they always have. If you do not use any CRChart features/functions, you will notice no difference in your charting functionality.

How is CRChart licensed and sold?

  • CRChart/Desktop(US$199): Our product for the small business developer who uses Crystal Reports desktop only and does not deploy the reports in a server or viewer environment. Does not include any server or viewer deployment rights and is limited to a single PC.

Do you offer support?

Please see our support page.

Does CRChart work with Crystal Reports for Enterprise (CR4E)?

NO. CR4E uses a different underlying software stack and is not compatible with CRChart.

Your website only references desktop seats. Is Enterprise licensing/deployment also available for CRChart for Crystal Reports 2020?

Yes. Please contact for more information.

How up-to-date is CRChart with SAP "hot fixes" and maintenance releases?

Very up-to-date. Our agreement with SAP ensures that our product is always perfectly in-synch with the release versions of Crystal Reports. We get "advance" editions of upcoming Crystal Reports patches/builds so we have plenty of opportunity to confirm compatibility between CRChart and new versions of Crystal Reports.

What is your company's relationship to SAP?

We are an OEM supplier of chart technology to SAP and the original developer of the charting engine in Crystal Reports.

Can I use a title field to specify a chart title I want to see AND also use it to send CRChart Macros?

YES. Simply add a tilde (~) to the end of your title and then add as many CRChart macros as needed.

What happens if I open a report built with CRChart on another computer that is running a version of Crystal Reports without CRChart?

  • If your report has no charts in it or has charts that never used CRChart macros, there will be no difference: the reports will look identical.
  • If your report contains charts that only use CRChart macros that are marked as compatible with original, your reports will still look the same! Certain CRChart features can be serialized into your .rpt file and viewed successfully even when opened by a version of Crystal Reports that does not have our product installed.
  • If your report contains charts that use CRChart macros that are marked as NOT compatible with original, the charts in your reports will look different. The report will not cause a crash, but it will likely draw differently and treat the CRChart macros like regular chart titles.

Which Crystal Reports file does CRChart replace to enable its macro capabilities?

SSCSDK80.DLL - the chart engine library file. This is typically found at C:\Program Files (x86)\SAP BusinessObjects\SAP BusinessObjects Enterprise XI 4.0\win64_x64

Do you offer any other versions of CRChart?

  • We offer an IBCS "Hichert Success" variant of CRChart through our European partner CubeServ. Please contact us for additional details.
  • We also offer SAP 4.x server configurations. Quote upon request. Please contact us at for additional information.

I don't see the chart feature I need listed. Can you help me?

  • We are very interested in adding new capabilities to CRChart. If you have a good idea for a feature, please contact us at