Forward Projections Yearly Subscription
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Forward Projections Yearly Subscription

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Forward Projections: the What-If-Based Path to Attainable Financial Goals

Make possible the forward planning of Attainable Financial Goals through specific attention to the practical limits of the important root variables, for only $1,000/year.


• The efficiency of goal-based bottom-up analysis

• The flexibility to handle anticipated data fluctuations during an Operating Period 

• Flexible options for dealing with scenarios which are limited by an established minimum or maximum

• Automatically calculated Best Solutions when the desired goal cannot be met

• Ability to modify a collection of root values proportionally in one operation

• Tools to create detailed models with usually hidden root variables

• Unrivaled ease of system set-up

• Ability to easily reuse analyses in subsequent Operating Periods

• Prevention of unrealistic mathematical “solutions” which are impractical in the real world